Dechlorinating Bath Salts


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  • Neutralizes chlorine in bath water
  • Contains Crystal-Chlorgon®
  • No fragrance or artificial coloring
  • Can be used by itself, or with other bath products
  • 40 ounces or Approx. 25-30 baths

The same refreshing, chlorine-free benefits that come with a Sprite NSF certified shower filter can now be enjoyed in the bath!  One container of Mediterranean Bath Salts supplies approximately 20 baths simply pour one capful under running water! These salts include no fragrances or artificial coloring, making them perfect for sensitive skin and for use alongside your favorite bath products.

Crystal-Chlorgon is a unique new blend of Chlorgon® specially formulated to remove free chlorine from bath water. Eliminating free chlorine can keep your hair and skin soft while removing risks associated with chlorine inhalation. With Mediterranean Bath Salts you can soak away the weariness of a busy schedule, or just relax to the soothing sensation that only chlorine-free water can provide.

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