Filtration Beyond the Shower

These “Universal” filters are named for their universal fit and appeal! They can be placed between an existing showerhead and shower arm, offering you complete customization of your showering experience.

Bath & Baby Filters

Bath Ball

  • The Bath Ball is made of ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Universal detachable harness connects to most fixtures
  • Uses Replaceable Filter Cartridge model BBC for approximately 30 baths

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Bath & Baby Filters

Dechlorinating Bath Salts

  • The Bath Salts neutralize chlorine in bath water
  • Contains Crystal-Chlorgon®
  • No fragrance or artificial coloring
  • Can be used by itself, or with other bath products
  • 40 ounces or Approx. 25-30 baths

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Bath & Baby Filters

Baby Shower

  • The Baby Shower attaches to kitchen faucet or shower arm
  • Replaceable filter cartridge (Model HHC) rated for 3 months or 5,000 gallons, which ever comes first
  • Easy grip shower handle with gentle single setting spray
  • Includes: Handle, Hose, Hose Filter with replaceable cartridge, Faucet Adaptor and Bracket
  • Limited one-year warranty