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  • These hoses will fit any current Sprite bracket and Hand-Held unit. Comes with 2 black rubber washers.


$6.00 Select options

  • These brackets will fit any current Sprite hose and Hand-Held unit. Comes with a black rubber washer.

O-Ring & Washer Set

$1.00 Select options

Fit for our All-in-One, Slim-Line or High Output units. Set includes:

  • 2 o-rings (one for each housing half)
  • 1 washer (placed in the filter housing’s pipe attachment end)

Bath Ball Harness

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  • The latest Filtered Bath Ball Harness. Attachable to all straight bath faucets.


Shower Saver

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  • The Shower Saver installs between any Shower Head and Shower Arm
  • Dual-controls for maximum savings and performance
  • Flow Control #1 – Allows user to set the maximum-flow limit
  • Flow Control #2 – Trickle-off control results in extra savings while shampooing or washing
  • Pays for itself within 3-5 months (based on FEMP Calculations)

3-Way Diverter

$12.99$19.99 Select options

  • 3-Way Diverter attaches to standard 1/2 inch Shower Pipe
  • Add your favorite Shower Head and Shower Handle (not included)
  • Three Spray Choices, including changing between Shower Head and Shower Handle, or both.
  • Standalone Accessory. Attach your own filtered handle and filtered head for maximum customization!