Universal Shower Filters

Universal Filters fit easily between the pipe and the head, offering you the ability to personalize your shower as you see fit. Most Universal Filters can also be purchased with shower head.

Filtered Shower Heads

These all-in-one units save space by joining the functionality of filtration directly into the massage head itself.

Filtered Shower Handles

Shower Handles have become a staple in homes for the heights they allow water to flow from, as well as their extreme maneuverability. With a filtered handle, cleaning shower stalls becomes both simple and healthy!

Bath & Baby Filters

Bath and Baby Filters are perfect for gently cleaning family members too small to shower with! A chlorine free life isn’t just for the shower anymore.

ShowerUp Filters

ShowerUp extension arms appeal to those whose height prevents them from enjoying showers, as well as those who simply enjoy the illusion of showering in rain.