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Filtration Information

What do Sprite units remove from the water?

Our Chlorgon filtration media removes:

  • Free Chlorine (Cl-)
  • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • Iron oxide (rust water)
  • Dirt, sediment
  • Odors

…plus, it’s pH balanced! Our units have been certified to NSF/ANSI Standard #177 for free chlorine removal. To learn more about the reduction-oxidation process Sprite filters utilize, please visit our Filtration Technology page.

While free chlorine is converted to a harmless chloride, our filters handle iron oxide filtration slightly differently. Iron oxide in a shower setting is often described as “brown or rust water” and deposits onto the filtration media, where it will remain until the next shower. We recommend flushing the filter in warm water for a minute or two at the beginning of each shower to “reset” the media. If there is a high concentration of iron oxide in your water, a whole-house filtration system designed specifically for iron removal may best suit your needs.

How do I activate the cartridge?

Upon installation of a new unit or cartridge we recommend running the water on full hot for 3-5 minutes before cooling to your desired temperature to activate the filtration media. Our media works most efficiently when the water is warmer than room temperature.

What’s included?

All Sprite Shower systems include one replaceable filter cartridge. Additional replaceable filter cartridges are purchased separately.

For Universal Shower Filters, purchasing the showerhead is optional. Thanks to its universal threading, these filters accommodate showerheads from any number of manufacturers. This allows you to keep your existing showerhead and easily integrate filtration into your current set up.

Hand Held systems include the filter handle, hose and bracket.

Will the unit fit my pipe or shower head?

Sprite units were manufactured to fit standard 1⁄2 inch NPT threading – the current industry standard. Buildings with significantly older plumbing might require an adapter.

Showerheads made to the current industry standard will thread onto our universal units. We estimate the best fit with a showerhead whose attachment site is approximately 1⁄2 inch in length.

What is your warranty policy?

A one year limited warranty on the plastic housings is standard with proof of purchase for U.S. customers. Due to their nature, disposable plastic housings (SLR, SR) have a six month limited warranty. Sprite’s all-brass units have a five year limited warranty. These include Sprite’s Brass Extension Arms, Slim-Line Brass and High Output Brass units (SLB, HOB, FX). Please note that use of a shut-off valve between a universal filter (such as the Slim Line 2 or High Output 2) and showerhead voids the warranty.

To obtain return authorization, please contact us. Further warranty information can be found here.

What does the black dot on the cartridge wrapper mean?

The black dot is meant to symbolize that the copper-gold colored filtration media turning dark black and is a good visual indicator that it is time to replace the filter. Due to the process of oxidation with the air that begins once the filtration media touches water, the copper-gold colored media will go through stages of dulling into shades of brown and grey before becoming black. Higher concentrations of chlorine or iron oxides in the water can speed the darkening process, as well. The dot on the wrapper does not change color.

Do you have any suggestions for a unit leaking from where it attaches to the shower arm?

Most often, a leak at this point is due to over-tightening on the shower arm or a missing black rubber washer. Over-tightening will cause the washer to flatten, restricting water flow and often causing water to escape between the threading of the unit and shower arm. Carefully back the unit off a quarter of a turn until the leaking stops. Replacement washers are available free of charge under your unit’s warranty conditions (usually one year with proof of purchase), or are available for purchase with an o-ring set via phone or on our parts page.

If the washer is present and experimenting with placement on the shower arm yields no change, it may be that the connection between the unit and shower arm is loose. This can be corrected with a wrap or two of white teflon plumber’s tape. A small spool of this tape is often included with our units.

Do you have any suggestions for a unit leaking from the center?

A leak from where the two housing halves twist together is usually caused by warped or pinched o-rings. The o-rings sit inside of the housing, one on each side of the replaceable filter cartridge. Make sure they are seated flat and are not dried out. These two rubber parts need to be coated in a layer of o-ring lubricant at the time of filter replacement. Using a q-tip can help make the experience a quick and tidy one. Replacement o-rings are available free of charge under your unit’s warranty conditions (usually one year with proof of purchase), or are available for purchase via phone or on our parts page.

If your unit is a hand-held, the o-rings are located on the replacement filter itself. While there will be no need to worry about them sitting flat in this case, they should still be lubricated for maximum seal and ease of removal at the time of replacement.

Cartridges left past their change date, paired with a shut off valve between the filter and head (please note this voids the warranty on the housing) or under particularly sediment-heavy conditions may crack. As the blue cartridge wrapper tends to keep the cartridge together under these conditions and prevents media from spilling into the unit, it may not be immediately apparent that a crack has occurred. Removing the wrapper will allow for a thorough inspection of the cartridge. In this case, replacing the cracked cartridge should solve the leak.

I've tested the water after it runs through the filter and the chlorine levels are still high. What's going on?

Be sure you are using the correct testing method for Free Chlorine Reduction! There are two common testing kits: OTO and DPD. OTO does NOT measure free chlorine, instead outputting total combined chlorine. Our filters cause free chlorine to combine and become a harmless salt – thus making them “combined”. Please purchase a DPD testing kit to accurately test water from your Sprite filters for free chlorine removal. DPD#1 (for Free Available Chlorine) must be used, as opposed to DPD #3 (for Total Chlorine, which includes combined chlorine).

Is it normal for small golden flakes to be inside my unit or on the end-stickers of my new cartridge?

Parts of our filtration media are thin and brittle, meaning they can break down into smaller pieces through our mixing process and transport. It’s not uncommon to notice that some of the fines have escaped through the screen. We recommend running warm water through the unit for one or two minutes before first use of a filter, which should flush out all of the smallest media.

Where can I find o-ring lubricant?

O-ring lubricant can be found at most hardware stores.

What is your return policy?

Sprite accepts returns of new product within 30 days of purchase. To open a warranty ticket, please contact us. If you did not order directly from Sprite, please contact the company you made your purchase from (their policy may vary). We are incapable of refunding a purchase made through a third party as we do not have your payment information.

For more information, visit our Returns Policy and Warranty Policy pages.

Why do I pay tax when purchasing from your store?

California passed a law requiring online and phone purchases from businesses within the state to be treated equally with sales made in retail stores, which means collecting sales tax. For more information, visit the Internet Sales section of the California Board of Equalization.

Where else can I purchase Sprite products?

Our products can be purchased from various retailers both online and in-store. A list of some retailers within the United States can be found on our Retailers page, while our International Distributors page should help our overseas customers.

How do I replace a filter cartridge and reset the Days Remaining?

From the My Filters tab, navigate to the desired shower filter and select the Replace button located under the Days Remaining visualization.

After confirming that you are ready to replace the cartridge the app will display the Add Filter screen. Simply review your Reminder settings and select Save at the bottom of the screen.

What do I do if I don't see my question here?

The majority of technical problems in the Sprite Showers iOS app should be resolved by restarting or updating the app. Before reporting an issue, please try these steps:

> Double tap the home button on your iPad or iPhone, quickly. A scrollable row of app icons will appear in the middle of your screen.

> Scroll to find Sprite Showers in the app screen icons and swipe the icon up and off the screen.

> Check the App Store’s Updates tab to ensure the device has the latest version.

> Allow any updates to install and check to see if this has resolved your technical problem by reopening the app.

If this process has not resolved your technical problem or the issue is with the Android app, please use the adjacent form or the form located on our Contact page with the subject “Sprite Showers App”.

What is Prop 65?

Proposition 65 is the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. California maintains a list of over 900 naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals. If an environment or product contains a chemical on the list California law requires that it be disclosed to consumers. Prop 65 warning signs can appear on products like baked goods and in environs like Disneyland. They often appear on products in the plumbing industry due to the use of high strength materials, such as brass (which contains trace amounts of lead).

The warning gives educational information to a consumer and does not determine the health safety of Sprite products, which meet or exceed national and industry standards. We have chosen to include the label under an abundance of caution to ensure compliance.

Please use Sprite products as directed and certified – do not lick, chew, or otherwise attempt to ingest them.

For further information on Prop 65, including examples of our warning labels, please visit our California Regulations page.

What is Title 20?

Title 20 is a set of appliance efficiency regulations in the state of California that sets energy and water standards for specified consumer goods sold in the state. As of July 1, 2018 that means all showerheads sold in the state of California must have a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gpm at 80 psi.

For further information on Title 20, including a link to the CEC’s Title 20 page with the must current information, please visit our California Regulations page.

I live outside California. Why does this apply to me?

We sell to buyers all over the world. It is prohibitively difficult to determine where a product will end up being sold to the end consumer.